H I N G E   E X P E R I M E N T A L


    I am an interdisciplinary artist. My investigations lie at the harmonic and poetic intersections of text, performance, video, and visual art and embrace a fierce examination of the structures and paradigms of performative expressions.

    I am afire, investigating and improvising forms that expand the sacred power of imaginative expression. I choose the form that allows the subjective embodiment of perception and voice. I am profoundly curious about the revelation of mystery within the layers that interdisciplinarity invites, and exhilarated by the play in it.

    My work is an intimate offering, sharing a context with artists who inquire into the domains of mystery, ritual, abstraction, our shared humanity, radical subjectivity, and hope. The revelation and liberation of this terrain is central to my work.

    I draw forward threads of meaning, and through rigorous practice the choice of form is revealed. My work is process-based, which allows for abstraction and fragmentation to illuminate a prismatic web of connection.

    My practice is the investigation of the paradoxes and identities that we hold. These paradoxes reveal the terrain of possibility that requires our rigorous investigation in this historical moment of shifting forms within the discourse of art and the discourse of humanity. An integrative practice of radical subjectivity transforms the fabric of relationship. My practice reflects the commitment and responsibility I have, as an artist, to be a participating citizen in our world.


Hinge is a word that describes me well. I am flexible and evolving. It is the moniker that I’ve used in the business of being an artist. Currently, Hinge Experimental resides at the experimental Art research lab, aka e(A)rl v2, in Portland, where I am delighted to have landed with my husband/collaborator/correspondent, JC Schlechter.